Scenery First, Inc. provides top quality sets, hand props and backdrops to many leading theatrical and entertainment companies around the world.  Our land based clients include Philadelphia Theatre Company, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Connie Creed Party Design, Penncora Productions, The Walter Painter Company, Cal Warren Design Associates, Peter Gray Terhune Presents, Visual Sound, L K Miller Interior Design, the City of Philadelphia.

Bruce Charlick – Director of Production, Philadelphia Theatre Company

Philadelphia Theatre Company has been pleased to be affiliated with Scenery First since 1998. Philadelphia Theatre Company prides itself in the high quality of its production values, a mission that Scenery First understood from the first. Scenery First has built over 20 shows of the highest quality for PTC. More than just a scenery builder, Scenery First has been a collaborator, suggesting ways to engineer and achieve the intent of the designer in the most economical way. We have had many first class designers tell us that the Scenery First’s scenery is some of the best work they have ever seen.

Fred J. Montilla President FJM Productions, Inc.

(FJM Productions Inc. produces large lavish Las Vegas-style Revue shows on land and cruise ships, both in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.)
We have had the pleasure of working with Scenery First for many years. They have created extensive scenery designs and built them for several of our shows. We have always been extremely satisfied with their work, which is always beautifully constructed, very innovative, and built to last. They are always on time, and within the budget given to them, and their original quotations to us. Not only are they extremely professional, but they also add “the personal touch” to all their projects, working with their client and making suggestions that can only better the product.

We have nothing but the highest praise for Scenery First, and would recommend them to any producer or entity seeking the finest in scenic design.

Mary Love, CMP President and Creative Director at MUSE Event Design

“While it is against my better judgment to let the world know my “secret weapon”, I have to say, without a doubt, that Scenery First is the BEST scenic design & production company with whom I have ever worked. They are my “go to” guys with I need a product that is professional, first rate and always beautiful. Michael Barone & Jack Doyle are an amazing team!!! I wouldn’t work with any other company! If you need a stage set, prop, backdrop, or anything theatrical — call them as early as possible. There is a reason they are so busy!!! Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative”

Here’s a list of some of our clients

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