Visit the New Scenery First

500 Pine Street, Building 1 Holmes, PA 19043

Please visit Scenery First at 500 Pine Street, Holmes PA 19043. We moved into our 29,000 square foot facility in October of 2019, which has much higher ceilings, larger offices, larger sewing shop, and a larger carving and casting shop. We even have empty spaces waiting to be filled by the next new idea.

Back in 1992 we started building scenery in Michael’s back yard and basement.

1993 we opened our first shop in Glassboro NJ. Small, but a step forward.

1995 we moved to Folcroft PA into 4,000 square feet. It seemed like a palatial estate we would never outgrow.

1998 we moved to Sharon Hill PA into 6,000 square feet with offices and a higher ceiling. We also had a storage trailer at one loading dock for finished scenery.

2002 we added 6,000 square feet, by annexing the space next door, bringing the total to 12,000 square feet. This was primarily a dedicated paint shop with the bonuses of a sewing shop and fabric storage along with a lunchroom!

2008 we expanded by again adding 6,000 square feet from another adjacent warehouse. We gained a carving and casting shop, shipping, receiving, and warehouse. Finally got rid of the storage trailer. 18,000 square feet total and we were certain we would stay there forever.